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Make the most of lockdown time & make your website generate more customers with a free website appraisal.

During the nation-wide Covid-19 lockdown, most business owners have had to scale back their business and sit at home. You don’t have to completely abandon all of your business pursuits however. Now is a great time to take advantage of the down time. Lets see what topics we cover during a website appraisal!

Digital marketers always say that your website is your business card. Is yours accurately reflecting your company and helping to convert customers?

Top 5 things your website needs to nail.

Modern websites have evolved over the last few decades. There is a certain format that is now seen throughout virtually all professional websites, in terms of layouts and usability. The most common thing I have seen during my time is websites that are outdated, lack SSL certificates, and that are just downright unfriendly to the user. So lets go over the top 5 important things we will look at during a website appraisal:

1: Design

The first impression is a lasting one. Your website design should be fresh, with lightweight clean images that clearly tell your customers not only about your products or services, but your professionalism. Your fonts also tell your customers a lot, and can convey “personality” and volume in their own way. What you’re about should be visible from the start. Depending on who built your website and and when, there can be a lot of different ways to upgrade it or modify it.

2:  Function

As part of the design process of a website, a lot of older small business websites have very little “functionality”. There is no business phone number visible, no contact form to capture potential customer info, and perhaps not even a gallery or way to showcase the products or services on offer.

3: UX (user experience)

What is your user experience like? When a person visits your website, there should be a clearly defined path that guides them on their journey. It may be done on a single page, or you might offer multiple paths dictated by the home page, where the most appropriate choice to each user is available. The way they then interact with your website is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing. Was it easy for them? Was the website fast? Did it scroll easily? Were the choices obvious? Or was your user squinting to find the menu and struggling to get that pop-up secondary menu to stay open on the screen long enough for their cursor to get to the link?

4: SEO (search engine optimisation)

An ever-increasingly difficult thing to master, SEO also has some basic principles which all business owners can employ on their own websites. Our appraisal will look at how effectively your current website is utilising these options, and how well it ranks at present.

5: Content.

There is a saying that has been in website development circles for a long time. Content is king. For a while, there were hacks around both Google and advertising that allowed sub-par content to thrive, but those days are gone. Your web content needs to be useful to customers, valuable and accessible. A 1-paragraph blog about your weekend does not help you or your customers. Adding that paragraph to another article to help build relatability for your brand, however, might.

So what should you do to get your free website appraisal?

Head on over to my contact form and fill out your information, or get in touch via Facebook. I’ll be in touch shortly to see how your website is stacking up from there!