What is with the new “action blocked” and “tell us” option coming up on Instagram?

Have you been getting that annoying popup on Instagram? Maybe you go on following sprees, or comment a bunch on different hashtags and posts? I never used to get this, but lately it’s been popping up.

Instagram Action Block

Instagram used to action block you entirely if you did too many of a single thing (following, commenting, DMing, etc). It just used to give you the option to say “ok”, but they have rolled out a new “tell us” feature. If you think about it, the tell us feature is basically a bot-check!

Fix Instagram Action Block

So if you click “tell us”, you’ll find you can continue whatever actions you were performing before. Lately, depending on account size, they don’t seem to like you following more than 5 people in a few minute period. I have yet to be action blocked on any of my managed accounts for anything other than following, so if you are getting the action block for other actions please comment below!

Why the action block?

Personally, I have trialled 2 Instagram growth services in the past (you can see those articles on StellationMedia and SocialFollow here). I had a lot of issues with one of the services, and I think that potentially because of these past actions, IG may have restricted my particular allowances down a little more than usual.

instagram action block tell us

So what can you do about it?

Well the great thing is that you can hit the tell us option and IG will let you carry on with whatever you were doing. I wouldn’t put this to the test however and continue doing it 10x more times in a row. You could end up with someone investigating your account or getting a full temporary block for 24-48 hours. It’s a very frustrating new set of rules they have put in place which makes it very hard for new or small accounts like mine to grow.

Report a problem!

The best thing to do is “report a problem” and leave feedback that you’re very frustrated with the new update and algorithm, and that it’s actually blocking you – a genuine person, not a bot. I have already left such a note, and I think I may add some more to it in the future because I’m also not happy with how their algorithm displays peoples’ posts.