Project Description

This was a full website done with a WordPress back end for ease of use, so the client could update and add portfolio jobs as they wanted to their website, and therefore keep their own customers and potential clients up to date with the latest projects they were doing, while also showing their activity and professionalism.

Like many small businesses starting out in Auckland, Web design is crucial to them finding a further foothold in the market and to gain a name and notoriety. Their ongoing portfolio helps them attract new visitors and is also a great way to market themselves or show their work to people in day to day conversation, by directing them towards their website.

Advertising is Key

Once they had their website created, this client wasted no time in organising a specialist in Google AdWords to begin marketing them and their website to bring in new customers. They have successfully continued for the last 18 months and are still available to pick up your contracting work today, so give them a call!