I tried Stellation Media’s Instagram Growth service for 2 months. Were the results worth it? Read on to find out.

Stellation Media’s Instagram Growth service is an automated system that likes, follows and (if you want it to) comments. By this automated action, genuine followers are encouraged to follow you back. They tend to engage! Its basic settings are to follow someone and like their most recent photo. The website is full of testimonials raving about their success in a lot of mainstream niches, so I thought I would give it a go. Automation services are incredibly common in the digital marketing realms, and a lot of agencies use services like this to manage their clients.

Does Stellation Media use fake followers?

No, the system works by automating normal actions. There was something called “power likes” which (evidently) uses the accounts of their members. So, your account is going to like other members accounts when they post. Or so it says. I never noticed this.

The Free 5-day Trial.

So, I started out using the 5-day trial period. It’s the first time I have ever used an automation service! It sounded great. By the second day of the trial, everything ticked over, and followers started coming in. It’s a personal account in a niche that’s not as mainstream – horses. I started out with about 323 followers. At the end of the trial, I had over 400. For an account that was 6 months old, that had been the most substantial five days ever. I was hooked! I signed up and got the 15% discount. You pay $42.50 instead of $50USD.

Stellation media review instagram

Stellation Media Pros

  • Automatically likes/follows, automating basic Instagram engagement actions.

  • Good if you don’t have time or know-how to engage and grow your account yourself.

Stellation Media Cons

  • Stellation Media’s back end is really basic and crappy. Not only that, but it’s not that well connected to its own internal aspects. I would login, go to edit something, and have to login again because it was running on another database or website.

  • The automation software seemed to glitch a lot. There were periods where for a week at a time, nothing would happen. I emailed the contact given to me and got no response the first two times. The third time I finally got a stock-standard email that Instagram had changed the algorithm again and they had had to wind back the functions of my account. I got told not to do anything, as usual.

  • It didn’t actually do what I set the targeting to do. I had mine set to follow “females only”, yet when I checked the people I was following, half of them were men. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not savvy to that niche.

  • The targeting had to be done manually, and if you wanted to update one aspect of the targeting, you still had to update everything. Despite the fact it says you didn’t have to. You do. I tried just updating one aspect and it spat the form back and told me I had to include, x, x, x, and also x.

  • Very little customer support. I DM’ed their Insta twice, and emailed them 3 times, and only ever got one response.

Other comments about their Instagram Growth service:

The targeting had to be done manually, and if you wanted to update one aspect of the targeting, you still had to update everything. Despite the fact it says you didn’t have to. You do. I tried just updating one aspect and it spat the form back and told me I had to include, x, x, x, and also x.

Then I got a second email saying I should re-connect my account. I did. Two days later, it finally seemed to pick up again.

Then about a week after that, it stopped altogether again. At this point, I had decided I would rather do it myself – so I began the same process the service does, and actually gained more followers each day on my own doing it manually, than the service was doing.

The affiliate program.

Because I really liked the service the first month, I signed up to be an affiliate. I had to do this separately again. You would think it would be automatically tied to your Instagram account, and they would just give you a code that matched your username, right? Nope. Wrong. I had to sign up with an email. Then I never got a promo code for it. Then, weirdly, I suddenly began getting “your free 5-day Instagram trial period is about to start”. What! I didn’t sign up for that, again? And my business email is different to my Instagram email, so I was wondering where on earth this was all coming from. I am a paying member for this account. I didn’t sign up for diddly-squat on that account.

Overall Review Of Stellation Media?

It was good to trial this automation service. It really only does the most basic of aspects, and considering it costs $42.50 a month, I think it’s a bit steep. I say this because in terms of automation, Jarvee can be run for about $10 per month with 10x accounts, as long as you have a server or a Cloud-based server for it to operate from. I was disappointed in their customer support. As a web designer, I could also see a lot of flaws and issues and how their services and websites had just been bandaided together.

Personal is better.

In under an hour a day, I can gain anywhere from 10-30 followers on my own and be a lot more genuine. Personally, I don’t like to unfollow someone who has followed me back to support me. That’s spammy and rude! But there was no setting to be able to only unfollow those who had not returned the favour. I believe this is the case with ALL automation services though, which is why you can’t beat an actual person who can make that choice.

Would I recommend Stellation Media?

Based on the problems I had with the system dropping out, I would say no. If it had something where it would at least email and say “Hey! Our service has been temporarily paused because we liked too many accounts” or “Hey, you need to reconnect your account because _________” then that would have been a lot better and more manageable. I would not pay that money and put my own clients on the system and feel confident, because potentially it could disconnect and they would be none the wiser unless we checked manually every day or so.

Am I going to use other automation services?

I am totally open to trialling automation services for myself, and I do have my eyes set on reviewing another top name growth service. However. I feel like the lack of authenticity, and as I said above – the inability to really define who you unfollow, is a big concern for me. At the end of the day, modern day marketing is all about genuine relationships. Gone are the days when we, as consumers, didn’t want to know who was running a business. Now, look at the likes of Drunk Elephant – the brand is the creator. The creator is the brand. That unique relationship builds trust and a certain type of loyalty. For some niches and demographics, an automation service fits fine and takes away a lot of work.

Engaging with a real person is best.

For a small business or local business though, I think you can’t beat an actual person behind the screen. That person can interact, and chat. And the worst thing you can do is automate comments! I have seen posts that are horrific and brutal about horses dying or being put down, and then some comment saying “beautiful shot! Follow our IG for more!” or “you’re wonderful! DM us to work with our brand!”

How insensitive, right? You can see where it’s better to pay someone to engage with your followers for you, but use an automation software for the general stuff.

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