So, you want to know what you should expect to pay for your web design here in New Zealand? That’s a great question! Let’s dive in and see what we can find out about how businesses and freelancers like myself structure our fees and costs for building websites. A little overview will help you understand what it takes to create and build professional websites and should also serve as a guide for your web design quotes. Remember, every agency, company and designer will have a slightly different method in how they build a site.

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Base costs you can’t avoid.

First off, there are 2 costs you cannot avoid in running a website. These are your domain name charges, and your web hosting costs. The domain name is simply the address someone would type in to find your website. E.g.,

The hosting is the online server where your website data is stored. When people use the internet, servers are the hard-drives that run online that allow the website to store its photos and data to serve to the web address.

Buying your domain name.

A normal “” domain name here in New Zealand will cost you approximately $30 per year, or up to $50. You can also use variables, like “.nz”. You will notice that variants cost more, and can be upwards of $80 per year, so it really comes down to your budget and preference. Also, some companies pre-buy popular domain names. If you happen to find your domain name is unavailable, some of them will be for sale, but at a much higher price (we’re talking thousands of dollars sometimes). Sometimes it’s best to be creative and find a workaround in this instance, unless you are a well-established brand and must have that exact name.

Local New Zealand Hosting Costs.

Hosting is also variable. Cheap international hosting can be as low as $4 per month, however this is not ideal. These hosts are usually located in China or the USA, and so the load times for your local clients will stretch out. This reflects badly on your user experience, and Google also dislikes poor load times. A good host for small traffic here is around $8-10 per month, + GST.

Note: some hosts don’t include custom email addresses in their hosting plan, and you have to pay extra for this as well. Keep an eye out when eying up hosts and try to make sure it includes at least one free email (e.g., hello@yourdomainname).

Do you need an eCommerce website?

The next big player in costs comes down to the features you need to be able to offer online. If you are an online shop or wanting to sell a product or guide, you will need an E-commerce website. This will mean running Shopify or WooCommerce, or another trusted shopping cart software. This can double web design costs because of the increased work load for time, as coding has to be done for the extra pages, such as landing pages, cart, shipping, etc.

The number of products.

Every product added to a website requires its own page. This can be done via loading on the CMS, but still requires time to optimise images, optimise the copy for each product, line up quantities and any SKU codes or applicable specials, and other similar details. Because this is more work intensive, costs can become quite a bit higher, but evidently an Ecommerce website should be paying for itself too, rather than just showcasing the business.

Price guide.

An estimate for a small ecommerce website run on Shopify with a year of web hosting and up to 10 products, would be around $2,000 – 3,000 + GST. This expands with the number of products. An example of one I have done that is eCommerce related is:

Small business web design costs (NZ).

If you are a small business and you just want to showcase your services and have some kind of gallery to show past work, then you will be looking at less than an Ecommerce website. As a rough guide, a 5-10 page normal website should cost between $900 – $1800, and include your hosting, domain name, setup, a content management system, image optimisation, and SEO written copy for your services. If you want a large-scale agency to complete the same work, then you can easily go up to $10,000 + for the same results. Agencies tend to run their own CMS (content management system) and therefore require more time to style a website to suit their system.

Examples of websites I have done in the price range:,, &

Sometimes you might get lucky and score a promo deal where you will get them at discounted rates! 

Medium – Large Enterprise Websites.

If your business structure requires a back-end system facilitated by a website, expect your costs to rise fairly drastically. Larger enterprises usually have a lot more pages and features, such as employee registers and portfolio displays that need to be added and edited regularly. Some run internal forums, and others require unique messaging systems.

Work with an agency in New Zealand.

Larger agencies are more adept to handling unique needs, and I would strongly recommend working with a local company for deals such as this. Large websites outsourced to cheaper companies overseas tend to perform poorly, become riddled with bugs, and are hard to fix locally because of the weird or unique CMS employed to run them. In this situation, the question becomes akin to “how long is a piece of string”? It becomes harder to gauge quotes for unique jobs.

Hourly rates.

Hourly rates are going to differ from freelancer to company. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 – 120 per hour for a professional service. Once your website is setup though, the initial investment is done. From there, ongoing work becomes a lot less. It is a business expense no different than advertising, getting brochures made, etc. A professional website aids in giving a professional presentation for you and your company and should drive traffic to your company.

Ongoing website administration and work.

When it comes to your business website, you may also want to think about the ongoing costs aside from the domain and hosting fees. For most businesses, SEO articles written regularly are a must to help them find new customers and rank well on Google. This is where employing an SEO specialist can help. We can create regular content and work on either fixed or hourly rates to deliver articles on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

If you want to create your own blog or website, a good place to start is WordPress or Wix.

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