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Importance Of Websites For Small Businesses

Small Business Web Design.

I once saw a chalkboard outside a cafe that read along the lines of: “Shop local. When you support your local business, you’re helping to pay for dance lessons or a rugby shirt, not a third mansion or another superyacht.”

As ever, I bring you a quick story on the importance of websites for any business – but especially for small businesses and owner-operators. I am an enthusiastic equestrian, and my favourite breed of horse is the Friesian. Majestic, black, huge, and I wanted to create a sport cross that would be agile enough to jump, cross country, and do dressage. So, I researched Friesian Stallions, or Friesian Studs, in NZ. I didn’t find many, and the ones I found weren’t the correct “type” for me, so instead of opting for less-than-best, I just sat on my hands and browsed other crossbreeds. It was only when a word-of-mouth friend told me about a purebred stallion that I leapt at the idea. But why hadn’t I seen him before? How come I had never heard of him, especially as he was literally only a half hour drive from me?

So, if you think you can’t afford a website – you need to ask yourself, can you really afford not to have one?

The owner did not have a specific website for him or the stud business, but a FaceBook page instead. Never the less, I was ecstatic to find exactly what I had been searching for, but I am in the minority – how many times do small businesses get missed or overlooked because their online presence is small or non-existent? Word of mouth business is great, but it only ever gets you so far in your locale. I am proud to say this stud does now have a website – Casanova’s Friesians, and he is still the most magnificent stallion I’ve seen in person in New Zealand.

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